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The collaboration of Kyoto City Official application "Hello KYOTO" , PIKO TARO(ピコ太郎)and KOTOKIN LINER(コトキンライナー)!



In Kyoto City, on purpose of making Kyoto City Official App "Hello KYOTO" and Kyoto City midnight subway KOTOKIN LINER(コトキンライナー) familiar, posters collaborated with celebrities and the campaign which offers gifts and original video watching, etc. has been conducted.

This time, the poster campaign of Kyoto City Official application "Hello KYOTO" and " Kyoto City midnight subway "KOTOKIN LINER(コトキンライナー)" has started by collaborated with " PIKO TARO(ピコ太郎)" who is popular in Japan and other countries.

1)Showing the poster at all stations of subway
In the all subway station, the poster that KOTOKIN LINER(コトキンライナー)/Official application of Kyoto city is engaged by PIKO TARO(ピコ太郎)will be displayed (number of posters: 2~3 per station).

2) Photo shot with PIKO TARO(ピコ太郎)"
When you take a picture of the posters with AR camera in the application, a photo flame in which you can take a picture with PIKO TARO(ピコ太郎) is boosted up.
You can share the pictures on SNS.

3) Multilingual support
Both the poster and the App are with 4 languages support. (English, Chinese <Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese>, Korean) so that guests from overseas can enjoy them as well.

4) Starting Date
From Oct. 30. 2017 (for about 2 months)
*Ending dates depend on each station.