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Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition



As the main program of Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto , "Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition" is being held at Nijo Castle and the Kyoto Art Center ! (~ 10/15)

From works of world-renowned artists , such as Yayoi Kusama(草間彌生), Cai Guo-Qiang(ツァイ・グオチャン), Kimsooja(キムスージャ), etc. to works of budding artists such as Hisakado Tsuyoshi(久門剛史), Hyon Gyon(ヒョンギョン) etc, works of Japanese, Chinese and Korean artists are exhibited everywhere in the venue.
Please take a look at the dynamic latest contemporary art including numerous new works!
<>br Also, in Nijo Castle, regularly non-public "Ninomaru Goten Daidokoro(二の丸御殿台所)" and "Southeast corner tower(東南隅櫓)" are made public for special!
Do not miss the collaboration between private areas and contemporary art that can only be seen during this exhibition!

There is also a stamp rally in the Kyoto City official application "Hello KYOTO" ( you can get a nice gift