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Japanese musical instrument band was decided to be the supporter artist for the Kyoto's official app "Hello KYOTO." It was also decided to collaborate with Kyoto Municipal Subway's posters.



All the Japanese musical instrument players got together on August 5 and 6 at "Japanese musical instrument summit 2017" under the concept of "Competition of Skills and Passion." The Japanese musical instrument band that had solo dedication live for Heian Shrine there was decided to be the supporter artist for the Kyoto's official app "Hello KYOTO" for smartphone. Kyoto will introduce tourist information and Kyoto's various attractive aspects through the official smartphone app, targeting the young people.

Japanese musical instrument band whose memorable performance of the independent dedication live concert at Heian-Jingu(平安神宮) is still a fresh memory was selected as a support artist for the official application of Kyoto-city "Hello KYOTO" this time. They will appear in the cities of Kyoto as a collaboration poster with"Kotokin-Liner" which is the Fridays Only late night subway in Kyoto-city. If you import the image of this poster which is posted at each station of Kyoto municipal subway from today (Aug, 21th) by AR function of the application, you can watch the special comment video of Japanese musical instrument band.

In addition, Japanese musical instrument band releases a single album "Amenochi Kanjoron (Feeling after rain)" that is its first album on September 6th.
In the first VR version that is released only to mu-mo shop FC Yaeryu, Heian Shrine solo dedication live concert held a few days ago, is recorded in the overwhelming film. You also have to check it.

<"Amenochi kanjoron (Feeling after rain)" Japanese musical instrument band 1st single album that is going to be released in September 6th 2017>
★CD+DVD (music video version) Item number: AVCD-83911/B Price: 1,998Yen (including tax)
Music video and remaking film of "Amenochi Kanjoron" is recorded.

★CD+DVD(LIVE movie version)Item Number:AVCD-83912/B Price: \1,998円(incl. tax)
The final performance of the nationwide hall tour that started this April and ended this July and the live movie of "Amenochi Kanjoron" and "Watashi Shijo Shugi" from the Tokyo International Forum performance on July 21, 2017are included.

★CD ONLY Item Number:AVCD-83913 Price: \1,296(incl tax)
"Soko ni aru kamo shirenai...(Japanese musical instrument band version)," which is a big rage as the theme song for Pachinko "CR Yoshimune 4 Tensho Hiyaku no Kiwami" is included.

★CD+VR+VR viewer (limited to mu-mo shop FC Yaeryu) Item number: AVZ1-83914 Price: 2,700 Yen (including tax)
It is the first VR version as Japanese musical instrument band! "Sorano Kiwamie (To extreme part of the sky) (Heian Shrine solo dedication Live in Japanese musical instrument summit 2017)" is recorded in the overwhelming film!
*It is an item with VR viewer (special glass).It is a content of virtual reality film where you can enjoy at smart phone application by using the VR viewer.

<Official website of Japanese musical instrument band>

<Hello Kyoto Download application>