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The Commemoration of the First "Wagakki Summit 2017"! (Japanese musical instruments)Hello KYOTO Apps hosts a deluxe gift campaign!



In coming two days on August 5th and 6th, 2017, the largest Japanese musical instrument festival, "Wagakki Summit 2017" will be held for the first time at two venues, Nijo-jo Castle(二条城) and Heian-jingu Shrine(平安神宮)!
The deluxe gift campaign commemorating this great event with the full support of Kyoto City has started in "Hello KYOTO Apps"!

[Deluxes gift contents]
① 8 pieces of "Kyoto-style Holding Fan" with the autographs of the members of Wagakki Band.!
8 pieces of "Kyoto-style Holding Fan" with the autographs of the members of Wagakki Band, who is the main act of Wagakki Summit will be presented! The holding fans are one of the premium items prepared by Miyabi, who is a specialty store for Kyoto-style products in Kyoto!
Do not miss special comments from the members of the Wagakki Band!

② The apps users will be invited to "Wagakki Summit 2017" for free by lottery!
We invite Hello KYOTO application users to the "Wagakki Summit 2017" which has already been a premium ticket for free by drawing for the outline below!
· Wagakki Band Dedication Live to Heian Shrine Solo Live Ticket
August 6th, 5 pairs, 10 people
· Nijo-jo Castle venue, 1 day pass ticket, 5 sheets
August 5th, 6th 1 pair, 2 people for each day.

[How to Apply]
① Obtain your nickname and digital citizen number from "Special" menu in Kyoto City official application, "Hello KYOTO"
② Please apply from the application below.
Presenting "Wagakki Summit 2017" Live Ticket

Wagakki Band with members' autograph "Kyoto Style Holding Fan" Present

[Application Period for the Lottery]
① The holding fan with the autographs: July 7th, 2017 (Friday) to August 11th (Friday)
② Wagakki Summit Ticket: Friday, July 7, 2017 (Friday) to July 21st (Friday)

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(Information of Wagakki Summit)

■Schedule: August 5th (Saturday) and 6th (Sunday) 2017
■Venue: Motorikyu Nijojo (元離宮二条城)/Heian Shrine (平安神社)
■Time: Nijojo scheduled to start at 10:00 Heian Shrine scheduled to start at 19:00
■Inquiry regarding the concert
0570-200-888(10:00 to 18:00)
Special website of Summit of Japanese musical instrument: