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Japanese largest Japanese musical instrument festival "Wagakki Summit 2017" will be held!



Kyoto City and the Wagakki Summit Executive Committee announced the holding of "Wagakki Summit 2017" at a press conference on June 8th. During the two-day period from August 5th to 6th, 2017, it will be held at two venues, Nijo-jo Castle and Heian-jingu Shrine(二条城と平安神宮).

" Wagakki Summit 2017" is the biggest Japanese Instruments festival in Japan which will be held for the first time cooperated by Kyoto, which will become the window of Japan from the face of Japan when Agency for Cultural Affairs is decided to move.

During the festival, these 2 spaces, "motorikyu Nijojo" (元離宮二条城) and "Heian Jingu"(平安神宮) which is located in Okazaki area, the cultural art zone, will be the stage. The young leading Japanese instruments performers all over Japan who plays "Tsugaru Jamisen" (津軽三味線) in the north to "Eisa"(エイサー) in Okinawa will get together and compete their technique and passion for two days.

For the press conference held in Kyoto city hall, Daisaku Kadokawa, the mayor of Kyoto, the representative of the Japanese instruments band perfomers; Yuko Suzuhana (Vo), Beni Ninagawa (Tsugaru Jamisen), Daisuke Kaminaga (Shakuhachi), Daigoro Asuka from Aska Japanese Drum, Kenn Kato who is the representative of Japanese Instruments Exective Comittee and the resentative director of Avex Travel Creative co. ltd were on the stage and they talked about the purpose of this summit and their passion, and then the mayor Kadokawa said, "We'd like to tell the greatness of Japanese Instruments which is Japanese traditional cultural art to inside and outside of the country." This will be the summit to expand the essense of Japanese culture from Japan to all over the world.

Suzuhana, a vocal of the band of the Japanese musical instrument, who acts as a main person and plays on the stage in the solo dedication live concert for 2 days in Heian Shrine (平安神社), said as follows.
"I have been enjoying shigin [詩吟)and kenshimai (剣詩舞)since childhood. While I have been enjoying it, I have been visiting Kyoto to learn tanka (短歌)and history deeply. It is special that I can hold a live concert in Kyoto. I will perform with my full energy."

She talked about the live concert held in Heian Shrine(平安神社)enthusiastically. Also, Ninagawa, who is from Kyoto, said, "I was born and grown in Kyoto. I am extremely happy that we who are eight members can play together." and Kaminaga said ,"As this performance is the dedication, I will do my best to play with full of my heart." as for their motivations.

Also, "Wagakki Summit 2017" is attracting attention not only as a musical festival, but also as Mr. Kato talks, "I'd like to stimulate the potential tourism demand in the local area with the entertainment.", as the first step of one of the most effective measures in the promoting the tourism nation, "entertainment tourism", and which has been attracting attention to its first attempt to try to invite guests from all over the world under the cooperation of entertainment companies, travel agencies, transportation enterprises, media companies and local enterprises as well.