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MAI KURAKI has been chosen to be the artist to support Hello KYOTO! A movie collaboration stamp collection rally is also scheduled!


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This time MAI KURAKIhas been chosen as the "Supporting artist" for "Hello KYOTO"!
This time too posters in colloboration with the "Kotokin liner" which runs only on Friday nights in Kyoto's subways, will be posted at every underground station run by the city.
If you get application of image of the poster posted by AR, you can see special film of MAI KURAKI.

On April 12th MAI KURAKIwill release the single album "Toketsukyo-Kimiomou" (Togetsu Bridge-I think of you), which is the theme song of the popular animation theater 21nd work "名探偵コナン から紅の恋歌(Detective Conan:The Scarlet Love Letter)" whose stage is Kyoto that will be publicized on April 15th.

In the Hello Kyoto, digital stamp rally collaborated with the film will be held as a special contents within the limited period.
Let's get around the shrine to pray a happy marriage which is the stage of the story to get "Hello KYOTO × Detective Conan original screen saver"!

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◆Theatrical version of "Red Love Song (Love Letter) from Detective Conan" Official Site.