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Digital Citizen service at "Kanji Museum" "Yasaka Meeting Hall Gion Corner" has started!


Thank you for continuing to use the Hello KYOTO app.
On this occasion, receiving things by the Hello KYOTO app "Digital Citizen" service has been newly added!

On June 26th 2016, "Kanji Museum", admission fee for the recently opened "Kanji Museum" with additional distributed regular sticker has been reduced!
Admission fee for university and senior high school students has gone from 500 to 400-yen, and for adults from 800 to 700-yen!

"Kanji Museum" is the first of its kind in Japan, a museum where everyone from elementary school students to adults can experience and enjoy kanji.
It's a facility which aims for feeling the interest and depth of kanji, teaching the culture of Japanese kanji, and their development and succession.
On the first floor, on the theme of "Look, see, touch", while experiencing a display of images and graphics and materials you can actually touch, you can enjoy learning about the history of kanji.
On the second floor, on the theme of "Play, Enjoy, Study", you can study while playing with the structure and characteristics of kanji, in an exhibition area like a theme park.

Kanji test Kanji Museum, "Kanji Museum" library
〒605-0074 Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Toyama-ku, Gion-cho, Minami-gawa 551 (the site of Kyoto City's Mitomi Sakae Junior High School).

In "Yasaka Meeting Hall Gion Corner", you can appreciate a variety of traditional arts through the geisha, starting with Kyoto dance, and with the digital people's delivery presentation, the entrance fee is discounted!
The entrance fee is normally 3,150-yen, but you can enter for 2,800-yen.
Of course, at the presentation of all kinds of things being returned, you'll also receive a Hello KYOTO original sticker.

At "Gion Corner", you can appreciate 7 of the traditional Japanese arts and digest them in one setting: traditional Kyoto dance, flower arranging, tea ceremony, koto music, Japanese court music (gagaku), kabuki play (kyogen), and Japanese puppet theatre (bunraku).
The centre of Gion in Kyoto, located next to Gion Kabe singing and dancing practice venue "Yasaka Meeting Hall", is popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists as a famous place full of international character.
Also, starting with images of "Kyoto Itsuka Street"'s annual event, there is a geisha gallery in the lobby as well, displaying accessories such as the geisha's hairpins and hair styles.

Yaei Hall Gion Corner
Yaei Hall, 570-2, Minamigawa, Gioncho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City

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