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Citizen Notification Service Number 5: from "House Cube Corporation" (Yamashina Ward)


Thank you for always using the "Hello KYOTO" application.

The distribution of the original "Hello KYOTO" sticker has started under the newly opened (August last year) shop. The shop is under "House Cube Corporation", which continues to propose eco-friendly lifestyle like Solar Powered Smart Electrification Reform in close contact with the locals in its 6th year of establishment.

It has been decided that when you flash the "Hello KYOTO" digital citizen notification sticker at House Cube's shop or event venues, or notifications from the sticker, you will be presented with "Lifestyle friendly Eco-goods".

"Help and be Eco-friendly" concept is one of House Cube's many efforts towards global environmental concern. Starting with solar power which creates a more comfortable life, House Cube has moved on to products like rechargeable batteries and All Energification, actively making making eco-friendly products that are gentle to the environment the core of their products.

In addition to conducting events on the Yamashina Shopping Street (such as Handmade City, and Yamashina BAL), we are also actively engaged in community activities.
Please contact us for anything regarding the reform or house.

Address 74-5, Takehanatakenokaidocho, Yamashina -ku, Kyoto
Telephone number: 0120-957-033
Opening hours: 9:00to17:00 (Irregular off days)


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